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i saw the great gatsby 2 days back.. nice drama movie..not my usual cup of tea, but it seemed like a good romance drama. Baz Luhrmann has done a good job. !! :)
Dicaprio was fine as always..I wonder whether he gets older or not..
Tobey Maguire   as Nick was good..i found his narration a bit monotonous & his acting could've been a bit better
Amitabh Bachchan as Meyer Wolfsheim was charming in a menacing way.
Steve Bisley was excellent.

Overall, i'd say if you like some good drama, you can definately go for this one.

After earth is releasing this friday..I m planning on watching it on monday..anybody saw it yet ? i read an interview of  M. Shyamalan, where he stated that Jaden smith is actually the action hero of the movie. Kinda discouraged after reading it, but i m gonna see it.

I'll just wait that Getsby tihng to come on blu ray, don't feel like gong to theaters to watch that.

Saw new movie by Danny Boyle 'Trance' the other day, was a really pleasant surprise. I don't get too many pleasant surprises by new movies these days, so I'm glad this was an exception.

watched after earth few days back..Avoid at all cost..poor story, weak plot, average performance by the smiths.. :Confused: :Confused:

You'll find Man of steel to be good if you're a fan of general zod..otherwise, its a bit dull the whole time..Graphics are beautiful..Michael Shannon as General zod was amazing..Henry Cavill for superman was a nice choice.

Also, i watched Monsters University..If you liked the first part( Monsters Inc. ), you'll like this one too..Its a prequel to Monsters Inc. Personally, i had lotsa fun watching this one with my friends. :rofl_2:

Next Movies on my list :  "White House Down", "World War Z" & maybe, "Pacific Rim"

Mehh watched MoS finally. Really not that impressed, but can't say its that bad either.

Too many godamn CGI action fights etc. This supposed to be more of an origin story, so I really expected more of his early childhood not some minor flashbacks. Another chance is missed just like in Prometheus. Beautiful graphics, but so unnecessary at times with overlong action scenes.
Acting was great and score good but a bit unnoticed because I think it wasn't loud enough.

And that church scene? what was that lol?
Also too campy and cheesy at times, yet good try to make it more dark and serious.

Overall not that bad, but I was never a fan of Superman or any superhero besides Batman in the 1st place anyway.

Korean 2009 film 'Mother' is really good.

There are so many great Korean movies.

I think 'Memories of Murder' takes the cake followed by 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance'


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