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Has anyone read this book?  I read a portion of it back in high school.  I am going to get it from a friend and read it again in a few days...

Thoughts about the book?

Never read it, dog.

ruff...  It is supposed to be one of the best mental tennis books ever.  I will post my official review when I get done reading it.

yeah ive got it.  its got teh big yellow tennis ball on the cover right?  yeah ive got that.  read it in AP accounting.  took me 3 classes.  lol good book btw.

A great book in my opinion if you're the type of player where you often find yourself playing against yourself (mentally)  in addition to your opponent.  The other day I was playing a match and was trying to concentrate on swinging through the stroke but kept tightening up and not doing so --it's hard to hit a ball while your mind keeps yelling at you to swing through ;)

Instead, I told myself to focus on the feel of the shot to see how long I can feel the ball on the racquet face.  After doing so, I started automatically swinging through the ball.  I agree with Tim G. that you only need to tell yourself something once and then let your body calibrate doesn't need the extra coaching from your mind.

Overall, it helps me relax my mind on the court - like yoga - which allows me to focus more on the ball.  If you like the bounce-hit idea for getting a rhythm, you'll love the other pointers in Tim's book.

As an aside, I'm about to re-read Maximum Tennis by Saviano over Christmas.  I found it to be a good book that help you focus on stuff you can control instead of stuff you can't.

For doubles, I read Unlimited Doubles and found it useful (although I was expecting more).

Hey Scott, why not have a recommended reading section on the web site or forum so folks can recommend any good books that they've read?

Merry Christmas All!



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