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I had not clue Blake's father died while Blake was healing from his neck injury this summer.  He said that "breaking his neck" was the best thing that ever happened to him because he got to spend time with his Dad.

Here is to a complete recovery and hopefully a great 2005 for Blake!   ://,0,7707884.story?coll=sfla-sports-front

Agreed. Dagum is it just me or is it RAIN ON THE BLACK PROS' PARADE YEAR!!? Williams' have been dealing with some sort of death in their family too and I'm pretty sure CHanda lost a distant cuzin or something (if memory serves from some random letter I read).

Amen, I really admire that guy's priorities.

Definetly.  He is great for American tennis.  I hope he is 100% and can break back into the top 20 this year.  I am not sure if he has the game to be in the top 10 though...

I doubt also he'll make it to the very top but, when talk comes around about the future of American tennis, this sort of person is what I hope for, for the sake of the game.


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