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everytime I play some tennis, my wrist area starts to ache! and when i bounce the ball up and down on the racket for awhile too..

any ideas what's up??

Carple tunnel?  Did you take a few days off?

Absolutely, my friend had carpel a couple weeks ago and it affected the strength in her wrist. I know that she wrapped hers up initially, everytime she played. but I do believe she had to take a few weeks off..

Listen to Scott first.

Carple tunnel?

Yeah, it affects the wrist.  Usually people get it from a lot of typing of repetitive activity I believe.  You need to take 3-5 days off and come back and see how it feels.  If it is still bothering you call your doctor.
The first year I coached high school tennis one of the students started playing more than he was used to and his wrist bothered him all week in practice.  He was hitting 7 days a week at that point in time.  I asked him to take Saturday and Sunday off from hitting which was HUGE for him.  He took those two days off and his wrist has not hurt since.


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