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I am in day 3 of being sick.  And I am officially sick of being sick.  But when I am sick I like to joke that I have the energy of a normal person.  I played 2 1/2 hours of tennis last night and I just got a call for 2 more hours tonight.  Sweet!

So basically you just pretend you are not sick, and try to ignore the signs that you are and that deep down you know you are.    :lmao:

I also hate sitting there and resting when i am sick cuz then symptoms get worse.  When i am out doing something, just take a motrin and the fever goes away and i try my best to diver my thoughts elsewhere

I think I, too, am sick or something. Might just be some sort of sinus infection because I havent really had drowsiness or runny nose or anything like a cold. But I've just had lots of weird, painful mucus coming out of my glands or whatever and I've been doing a lot of coughing.

but I still played today :)

Yay for people who're sick and pretend they're not, Scott.

When I'm sick intense exercise seems to help.  After hitting for an hour or playing hockey I feel a lot better.


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