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Increasing grip size


I dont have the exact measurement with me but i have a big hand and i think i generally use 5/8 or something.   I just broke my racket and decided to try my sisters liquidmetal radical because she never plays.  I really like the racket but the grip is way too small for my likeing.  How hard is it to make it a 5/8 grip.  I wrapped it in electric tape which is somewhat thick and it made it useable but it feels a little mushy.  Any tips?


What size does your sister have?  Going up one size is really easy, they have slips that go under the grip and they jump the size by one.  I have never heard anyone using 2 though, but I suppose it is possible.  I am doubting your sister uses a 4 1/2"...

I like the 5/8 grip also as I have big hands.  But I buy my rackets with 1/2 grips and have a couple of wraps of grip tape to increase the size.

Ok i checed the sizes, my sisters is 4 3/8.
My previous racket was 4 1/2.  
The one before it was 4 5/8.

I felt most comfortable with 4 5/8 but 1/2 is fine.  Where can i get these inserts?

let me check, hold on right there...

Ok.  Looks like has them.  Here is their guide to increasing per what you want.


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