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Sour Patch Kids


Wifey just brought home a bag of my favorite candy.  Sour Patch Kids.  I just opened the bag and before I get 2 replies to this thread they will be gone.  My daughter of course wants some but they are mine all mine!  Sad that I would give my life for my daughter but I would not give her a sour patch kid.  OK, OK, if she comes up and asks, she can have 1.  :)

yummy :ok:

lol I think it's funny that your wife is the pregnant one who should be stuffing her face and craving weird things like candy and instead, she brings YOU home a bag of candy lol -- I still thinks its really thoughtful of your wife. Maybe she's rewarding you for helping her out so much during the 9 months --

We sell sour patch at the theatre I work @ and I almost rip the bag open and shove them down my throat everytime I sell a bag. They're indeed very yummy -- I like squiggles more :)


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