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Federer has a coach!

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He has officially hired Roche.

It also looks like he is taking a page out of the Agassi book.  Apparently he is already in Australia training.  I love that kind of mad intensity and dedication.

Here is the article about the coaching and the training...

--- Quote ---WORLD No.1 Roger Federer will link with tennis legend Tony Roche to launch his assault on back-to-back titles in the Australian Open next month.

There is even speculation that the preparation of Federer, 23, has already started in Sydney after secretly flying in from Europe.

The practice sessions will be off limits, but it is understood Federer will train either at Homebush, where he won the 2002 international tournament, the White City complex, or at a private court on the North Shore.

There is no access to the backyard court which is protected by electronic gates and a 10-metre high wall.

The coaching arrangement between Roche and Federer is a personal matter, with Roche recently describing Federer as the best player he has seen since the great Rod Laver.

Roche refused to comment on whether Federer had already arrived or was scheduled to fly in after spending Christmas with his family in Switzerland.

Those close to Roche say it is unlikely he'll take on a full-time role with Federer.

"I think it's a one-off deal because Tony is in Australia and Roger is aiming for consecutive championships," a source told The Sunday Telegraph. "If Tony is available during grand slam time, then maybe it could happen again."

A winning Davis Cup player and coach, Roche won the French Open, reached the Wimbledon and US Open finals and won five Wimbledon doubles titles with John Newcombe.
--- End quote ---

And official link:,5942,11727417,00.html

Thanks for the article.  I'm sure his new coach will help but if he has a season like O4 again (which I don't think will happen, but it could), he really dosen't even need one!

I think a pro recognizes the areas they want to improve on and can employ a coach to help with just that, even if it is for a short period of time.

I would love to see Fed have another season like 04...

I don't. It would be too boring.  :)~ Unless he wins the Slam, then that would be cool.  But I don't think he can get it, atleast not next year.

Roche is not the type of coach that is going to help Federer win the French.  He will, however, help Fed in the serve/volley department which is going to be good for the other slams.


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