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1995 Wimbledon

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I was looking for something to watch on TV and found nothing.  So I popped in a tape of the 1995 Wimbledon Quarterfinals.  

Agassi def some guy with a last name that starts with ""E"
Sampras def Matsuko (sp?)
Becker defetas Pioline 9-7 in the 5th set
Ivanisevic def. Kafelnikov

Some nice tennis.  Definetly took me back to see Agassi and Sampras 10 years ago.  Agassi was seeded #1, Sampras seeded #2.  

The comentators were lame, I really like MacEnroe compared to those others.  I know some poeple do not like today's commentators, but maybe they would if they just heard the crap I had to hear from 1995.  :)

If Tim Ryan was one of the commentators you heard, I guarantee that any of today's was a hundred times better than him. Although, I do doubt that anyone in the past was as annoying as Pam Shriver is today...

the commentators should shut and up and explain very littel, wouldnt it be great for us tennis fans if coverage was just teh players playing, and replays were denoted, not by cliffy saying, "Lets have a replay of that"  but my a simple caption at the bottom of the screen, as they replay a winner.  what exactly can they explain or give us insight to?  if they want to explain the draw, then pre or post match, they can get a more competetnt speaker, such as scotts unborn child, do let us know the winner of this plays the loser of that.  and of course, the announcers have to let us know that "The loser of this match goes home"  No s**t.


Nobody is as bad as Mary Carillo.  She's also the most arrogant condescending biotch with no redeeming qualitities whatsoever.


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