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Just thought I would post a question about style of play and strings that accent your strokes.

I play with a Prince More Control DB 850, I use a topspin forehand and double handed backhand, im pretty consistent off both wings but I have found that a regular Syn. Gut string that my coach strings my racquets with doesn't give me the feel off of my ground strokes that, specifically, the Prince Lightning XX's do.

lol This epiphany just came to me tonight from playing with a More Control DB w/ Prince Syn. Gut strings, and my newest More Control DB w/ Prince Lightning XX strings...

I don't know, maybe I am supersticious, but the strings are visibly different to the naked eye and feel very different. The Lightning gives me a more dampened and controlled feeling than synthetic gut strings do.

Do any of you feel this way about something with your strokes, strings, anything particular?

The Lightning XX is supposed to have more power than standard syn gut, it's one step up performance wise.  I like the bite of polyesther strings.  They dont have as much feel but don't move either, which I find to be a good thing.

Yeah, I can get alot better depth with the Lightning XX strings without as much backswing.

So, what strings do you guys all use, and at what tension?

Prince Duraflex 16G, 60 lbs.


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