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Who is the manliest woman on the WTA Tour?

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Who do you think is the "manliest" woman on the WTA Tour?

The choices:

Dinara Safina
Svetlana Kuznetsova
Lindsay Davenport
Francesca Schiavone
Nadia Petrova
Amelie Mauresmo

Mauresmo, I used to wonder why she played on the WTA tour! Seriously, I actually thought she was a man for like 2 weeks.

Kuznetsova is major competition to Maursemo though!

Sorry Kash, that's a no-brainer, Mauresmo easily! Why do you never post around here DK?

Safina, Kuznetsova, Davenport, Schiavone and Petrova are just ugly. Mauresmo has a manly face and huge guns. I'd put Serena as 2nd place, just for the guns.


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