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My mom gave me an article out of Reader Digest.  It was about Serena and her spirituality.

I am a Christian, so that is cool, I respect that, but here is my question to all of you.

The second to last paragraph states this quote from Serena:

--- Quote ---I added another weapon to my game - prayer, which is as sure as my two-handed backhand.  One rule in tennis is that every other game you switch ends of the court with your opponent.  Every cangeover, I bow my head, close my eyes.  And I pray, Help me stay strong out here.  Help me stay calm and do my best.  Thank you, Lord.
--- End quote ---

I think that is cool and a good way to help you stay calm.  But here is my question, has anyone every really seen her do this?  I know they go to commercials at changovers but they do stay tuned in a good amount of changeovers in big match moments.  I have never seen her do this...  Anyone else?

I think I have seen her do that. Man, I thought it was only me who did that kinda stuff,and I had a huge advantage over everybody else  :lmao:

I'm sure she does that a lot. But I really doubt that she does that every time. Especially now when tennis isn't as important to her like before.

when players cahnge over, her included, they are very focused and dont ussually scream or talk.  they keep to them selves and thing.  so during the changeover, im sure she has a chance to that.  im not sure how effective it is, but if it works for her, lol she should do it more often, because shes playing like crap as of late

aw..Why does Serena say crap like that and then do stuff like this the next day?


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