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--- Quote from: Dallas on June 09, 2008, 06:51:12 PM ---I think Murray was really getting better under Gilbert...and he took a step back when he sacked him.  But I guess he has to find his own way.

--- End quote ---

Yep he was getting better under Gilbert (no question), my point is why doesn't listen and take the advice (with Gilbert he didn't listen),

"He has to find his own way", his own way is not helping, IMHO

I am fed up of hearing he has to be his own boss, what the ****, so Brad gilberts advice is s**t  ..-)

Yep he took Andre and Roddick to GS results, yet Andy doesn't get on with him  :scared:

Andy doesnt like being told what to do and thats his problem  :)

He does not like being told what to do, he is his own boss, and this will be his downfall

He's got some skills but I'm not that concerned about him, I got other up and comers to watch.
He'll straighten up after getting bounced around and off the court for awhile. Hopefully one day he'll realise that it's time to get serious or continue to get what he's been getting. At his age it should be soon.

some people it's just part of the deal, they have to do it thier way. All I can say is his results might come later but it will be - for him, I can't speak for his fans (or whoever's left) - all the more sweeter because he did it himself. Does that make any sense? Something like Dementieva. Of course she could have hired the best serve coach in the world or taken a year off and worked on her serve or.. you know a million options and with a good serve she could have taken her game leaps ahead, but she didn't. All in due time, but once his game does start clicking wether it be because of someone else or because of him (and as you said, its looking like he won't be happy unless he's making the decisions) it'll be a fun time.

he shold wisen up and take some help but all in due time.

More and more I doubt he has the right personality to be an elite player in this sport.   He is much much more talented then some of the ridiculously overhyped of his age group- Richard "backhand only" Gasquet, Marcos "fluke Aussie Open final" Baghdatis, Gael "basketball wannabee" Monfils, Tomas "poor mans Safin" Berdych.    Outside of Nadal and Djokovic he and Tsonga have the most potential to be regulars in the top 10, potentialy even top 5 players.  However he is not showing the right kind of personality needed to be a top player despite his impressive talent.

Do you think he's just a late bloomer?  Some people get it at 19, some at 20, some at 25... Do you think he'll be one of these players that will have better results at age 24 or higher than he does now?


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