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THE TOMMY HAAS THREAD (Post articles, pictures, interviews, etc. about Tommy)

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--- Quote from: Clay Death on October 29, 2013, 09:08:13 PM ---what up general. get your sorry arse to Camelot elite tennis society once in a while and say hello.
emma has been asking about you mate.
is tommy haas amazing or what? this dude is pushing 36 and he looks 25.
and he is snatching titles on the atp tour. this is the most demanding sport under the sun.
see you soon.
we made some improvements. Camelot is looking a lot more organized now.

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Hey general, check your pm mate, you'll see why I can't be online.

See you all soon guys..

New tennis season is ON and I missed some of it including Tommy yesterday but I'm back after break from forums  :)~

Hoping you're all doing great!

Haas aiming for ATP World Tour Finals with new coach

Tommy Haas has turned to fellow countryman Alexander Waske to guide him to further success in 2014.
The veteran continues to defy his age and his dedication to the game has helped him to reestablish himself as one of the very best players in the world. Currently ranked No. 12 in the ATP, the German has recently acquired the services of coach Waske, who he hopes can help him to achieve his goal of qualifying for the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of the year.

“We have set the season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals as our mutual objective,” said Haas. "I want to win titles again this season. That of course requires physical fitness and also in this area Alex is a meticulous worker.”</blockquote>

Haas knows Waske well and is convinced that his 38-year-old compatriot is the man to help him meet his targets. The two players even competed together in the Davis Cup and the ATP World Team Championship, which they won as a pairing in 2005.

"We have played Davis Cup together earlier and he knows exactly how I am functioning from back then,” continued Haas. “Alex can push and motivate extremely well during practice and matches.”</blockquote>

After winning the ATP World Tour Comeback Player of the Year award in 2012, Haas continued to excel in 2013, picking up ATP titles in Vienna and Munich. Thanks to achievements such as this he's once again the German No. 1. It will be intriguing to see how well he performs in 2014, and how long he can continue to compete to such a high standard.

Qualifying for YEC is a lofty goal!
It will be interesting to see if his new coach can push him towards the top.

Tommy and Kohli together in doubles  :gleam:


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