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OK,Considering that it's been a while since I joined this forum,I guess that I could write something interesting down from my tennis experience..

First of all I play tennis for fun and joy,so nothing serious then..
At first I was just enjoying watching tennis since Henman and Haas showed up...Then I started to watch it more carefully and seriously..I like players who uses one handed backhand so I think that this two guys came up from that..That I owe to my father who knows everything about tennis from early 70'up 'till now..He is one of those all-time tennis fans..But he doesn't like Nadal or that sort of players  :))  ..Just kidding but that's the true ;-()  ..
So anyway I usually played tennis with my friends and I did it well,mostly being victorious...
And I could beat everyone except one ''thing'' that I couldn't,and that would be my father who s 28 years older than me,can you imagine that?!
And that was just perfect day for me:No sun,no rain,no wind...just perfect day for tennis match,,So,I challenged my father for anything he is being doing to me  :mad1:  ..As always I started pretty bad,losing an early break..and of course I lost that set..We always play 5set match,sometimes I take one,sometimes I take 2 but I haven't beat him ever since that day..That was my best tennis that I ever played(like a pro)..I will always remember that match..In first set I lost very easily 2-6,but I won the second one hardly with 7-5 win..He gained the lead taken me one break and he took 4-6 in 3rd..4th was pretty easy for me 6-3,(and that was my biggest win in some set,but not the biggest quality..So I took the victory in astonished 5th set with 11-9 win...That was just amazing...
The other people on the court could not believe that I really won it...I was really on-fire that day! But that was the only time..We played again after that but I lost it...And I didn't care...We'll play again,and I will take victory eventually..
Only that matters was that day and that day alone!   ..

OSU Buckeye:
Welcome to the journals!  Congrats on finally getting the win over your father! 

Thank you,I just thought that would be nice to write something down...Yeah that was about 3 weeks ago...But it's still fresh for me  :)

Dang, 5 sets is a ton of tennis let alone snagging the 5th set 11-9.  Congrats on a good win!

Keep us up to date on your tennis.  :)

And always with no rest at all...Playing that for about 3-4 hours...


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