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You sound like a great tennis player, if you played like a pro, then your father must be Pete Sampras or something!!

It ain't like sounds but yes we sometimes play really good tennis,maybe 2 steps from being pro  :)) but I'll never step over that line  :))


--- Quote from: Lugburz on June 27, 2008, 09:17:07 PM ---And always with no rest at all...Playing that for about 3-4 hours...

--- End quote ---

3-4 hours means you are probably in good shape.  That is most excellent.  I played with Freebird yesterday for 2 hours and I was beat.  We run each other like crazy, but I need to snap back into shape.

The main problem is that my father is in better shape then me...But it is great to be in a good shape,although I'm not as it looks like  :Confused:

3-4 hours of tennis will help even that battlefield though! 

I am not far from out of shape.  I could shed 10 pounds and get out a little more and I would be doing far better.  Problem is all I do is play doubles these days and that exercise is crap.  My eating is crap too.  About 3 weeks ago I started hitting the weights again.  I have to do it in a limited amount because of my right shoulder, it seems to ache is I do too much. 

Either way, here's to both of us trying to get into shape!!!


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