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"The Other Brits" Appreciation Thread - Pictures, Articles and all that Jazz.

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Well, this is the thread to discuss all the British players outside Andy Murray.
Chris Eaton has had a great Wimbledon only losing to Tursunov, especially as he was only ranked about 661. Jamie Baker recovered a life-threatening virus to make it to Wimbledon this year, but unfortunately lost out to Stefano Galvani.
Alex Bogdanovic also crashed out early to Gonzalez' conqueror, Simone Bolelli.
And last but not least, Jamie Murray. The older Murray brother is still in the men's doubles with Mirnyi, and mixed doubles with Huber. Come on Jamie!!!

the Batman:

Other Brits ? You mean like... Fred Perry ?  :whistle:

 :rofl_2: sorry for laughing, but come on you actually wanted me to change the title of Andy Murray's thread, because Eaton had won one match, you will do well for working for the BBC

Hopefully I'll get a good income then :)) I follow the other players, and this will probably serve mostly for Jamie Murray, but if any Brits ever have a good run at a tournament, then it's worth mentioning.

Katie O'Brien and Melanie South all the way :))

Katie managed to juggle tennis and education to get 2 A Levels. A grades in maths and French.
Mel got 3 A Levels. A grades in psychology and Physical Education and a C grade in General studies [which is a waste of an exam tbh]



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