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Close In On Your Volleys
Who's Ball is it Anyways?
Serving Smart in Doubles

A Plan for Doubles
Return of Serve for Doubles
Protect thy partner
Receiver's partner, does what?
Who covers the lob over your head in doubles?
Two poaching pointers!

My Tennis
The role of receiver's partner in doubles
How to cover when your partner is dragged out of court in doubles
Don't look back in doubles
Deliberate hindrance in doubles
Using "I" formation in doubles
Mixed doubles and couple trouble
Australian" formation - where to serve
The Art of Communication in Doubles
What are the do's and dont's of poaching in doubles?

Operation Doubles
Eyework at the Net in Doubles
Footwork at the Net in Doubles
Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
Getting Out of Harm's Way
Understanding Tennis Doubles Strategy
Switching in Tennis Doubles
The Switch Trick Play

Successful Doubles
The Non-Hitter's Role
The Forbidden Shot
Positive Poaching
Hot Seat Preperation
Partner's Position Varies
Use Your Air Time
Don't Look Back
Flow with the Ball
Poaching Situations
The Perfect Partner

Time is the Answer

Match Point Racquet Gear
Doubles Tip

In Touch Tennis
Deep to Deep

Be a Better Doubles Partner
How to Survive Doubles with a Spouse
Doubles Strategy: The Net is Your Friend

Tennis in Corfu
3 Ways to Improve Your Doubles Play

How to Chose the Right Partner
Basic doubles shot selection and court positioning