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The First Serve
The Second Serve
3 Choices of Placing the Serve
The 4 Types of Serves
The Service Toss
Practicing the Serve
Speeding up your Serve
Mixing up your Serves
Beefing up your Second Serve
Serving Smart in Doubles

Your serving mindset

On The Line
How to beef up a spin serve
How to master a basic service action!
Dozens of service variations in just a couple of sentences!
How to conquer the fear of double faults
Serving - to jump or not to jump?
Moving on from a "push" serve
The pinpoint serving stance
Double-faults and the self-Doubt Demon
How to improve your weight transfer when serving
Is it a bigger problem to hit serves in the net than long?
Are you ready for a rock 'n' roll serve?
How to hit a slice serve
Have you got the right racquet for a fast serve?

Jeff Salzenstein
Video #001 - Tennis Serve Tip - Your Stance
Video #002 - Tennis Serve Tip - How Djokovic Can Serve Better

Match Point Racquet Gear
Window in on the Serve

My Tennis
Going up!

Serve Tactics for Beginning Players
Serve - Step-by-Step Technical Analysis

The Serve, Know the Basics