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The Lesson Lounge - "Strategy Articles"
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How to Play Against Short Players
How to Play Against Tall Players
How to Play Against Better Players
How to Play Against Weaker Players

How to Play in the Wind
How to Play Against Hard Hitters

How to Play Against Pushers
How to Play Against Serve and Volley Players
How to Play in Cold Weather
How to Play After a Long Time off of Tennis

Two to Pass
Cutting Down Your Opponent's Reaction Time
Hitting Down the Middle
Hitting Deep for Success
Hitting Harder is not Always Better
One Good Lob Deserves Another
Surprise Attacks
What is Your Strategy?
Want to Serve and Volley?

Defending Your Court - Overview
Defending with Your Anticipation
Defending with Your Speed
Defending with Your Footwork
Defending with Proper Shot Selection

Focusing on the mental battle
Advancing to the net after the lob
Down love 40! Now What?
Making Match adjustements
A simple tatic after lobbing

On The Line
How to "wrong-foot" your opponent
Coping with Net-Rushers
How to Play a Big Hitter
How to hit drop shots (the ten commandments)
Beating a "moonballer" without beating yourself
How to prepare for clay-court tennis
How to come up with a match strategy

Attack a Weak Second Serve
Play to Win
Throw in a Moonball for a Change of Pace

My Tennis
Holding the Line

How to Beat the Hacker
Don't Feed the Forehand

Match Point Racquet Gear
Elements of a Simple Singles Strategy

Tommy Ray
The Running Man

Chip and Charge
Put Your Lob to Work for You

Don't Make Decisions - Recognize Situations

Renata Marcinkowska
How to Beat a Lob Queen