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How to Beat a Lob Queen
By: Renata Marcinkowska

If you are women who play a lot of tennis, you have probably expierenced playing against a player whose sole purpose on the court is just to get the ball back. Do you remember how angry and frustrated you felt during and after that match?

She had more patience than you had; kept the ball in the court until you missed; stayed on the baseline and out rallied you every time, and drove you to tears with slow, high balls placed deep into the corners. She not only fed off your power but also broke you down by being determined and consistent. She was a "Lob Queen" who ruined your confidence; yet, she was someone whom you really should be able to beat. Here are some tips to help you stage a successful revenge.

  1. Next time you play a pusher, hit your groundstrokes and volleys behind her. A lob queen generally likes to run and prefers to retrieve balls from the open court. By going behind her you will" wrong - foot" her and develop a nice opportunity for yourself to win a point.

  2. Use your angles. This strategy will take your opponent out of her comfort zone and, therefore, will help you to create some unforced errors

  3. Don't over hit the ball. Be smart about ball velocity and placement. Play percentage tennis; be patient and wait for a short ball to rip a winner.

  4. Use a "delayed approach shot" concept. Keep your opponent off balance by hitting aggressive groundstrokes followed by surprising volleys.

  5. Concentrate on demolishing the pusher's second serve. "Chip and charge" on returns, be active and establish control at the net.

Make her volley. If she is a lob queen she will not like being at the net. Bring her in with a short ball and frustrate her with a drop shot/lob or a drop shot/passing shot combination.

Winning a match against a pusher is never easy. You will have to work hard, stay focused and play mature tennis to beat this type of player. And with a little time.who knows, you might be just like Martina Navratilova, feared by the pushers and loved by the rest of the players.


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