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Tennis Resolutions for the New Year
By: Renata Marcinkowska

With year 2003 approaching fast, it is time to set your tennis goals for the New Year. Spend a little time before the season starts, thinking about what you would like to accomplish during the next year. Here are some tips to help you become more successful;

If you are a player who is very athletic, but perhaps not technically sound, think of improving your strokes so that you can become a better player. Take a few lessons from a reputable pro, and utilize a ball machine to practice "the new you".

If you are already technically sound, but strategy is not your forte, consider spending a little more time than usual on thinking about "the game plan". Make it a point to brush up on strategy by reading tennis manuals, watching tennis videos and analyzing your fellow club members matches. Also don't forget to touch up on mental aspects of the game and remember that " classroom tennis", is vital in overall maturity and improvement.

If you are good technically and strategy wise, but have problems with your physical conditioning, make it a priority to get into a better shape. Join a gym, hire a personal trainer or design your own work out program. Introduce a cross training routine to your repertoire for more fitness and fun. Be patient in understanding that getting into a better shape is a long-term commitment.

Remember, a key to a complete tennis player is versatility. By working hard you will not only avoid stagnation, but will also feel better about yourself and your game. Be persistent in your workouts, stay focused and HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT 2003 TENNIS YEAR!!!!.

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