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Tennis4you Instructional Tennis Articles
By: Scott Baker

"How to Play" Series
How to Play Against Short Players
How to Play Against Tall Players
How to Play Against Better Players
How to Play Against Weaker Players

How to Play in the Wind
How to Play Against Hard Hitters

How to Play Against Pushers
How to Play Against Serve and Volley Players
How to Play in Cold Weather
How to Play After a Long Time off of Tennis


Overhead General Tips & Rules of Thumb
Where to Draw the Line - Overhead vs. Volley
Let it Bounce

Return of Serve
Attacking a Weak Second Serve
The Basics of the Return of Serve
Returning Serve Against Different Types of Players
Returning the 4 Different Serves
Learning to Read the Server

The First Serve
The Second Serve
3 Choices of Placing the Serve
The 4 Types of Serves
The Service Toss
Practicing the Serve
Speeding up your Serve
Mixing up your Serves
Beefing up your Second Serve
Serving Smart in Doubles

Defending Your Court
Defending Your Court - Overview
Defending with Your Anticipation
Defending with Your Speed
Defending with Your Footwork
Defending with Proper Shot Selection


Split Step
Movement on Offense
Movement on Defense
Small Steps
Quick Tips and Exercises

Hitting with Topspin
Hitting with Slice

Hitting with Side Spin
Returning Topspin
Returning Slice
Returning Side Spin

Drop Shot
The Drop Shot - What, Why, Where, When, Who

Close In On Your Volleys
The Dreaded 1/2 Volley
Who's Ball is it Anyways?
The Volley-Lob

Information Articles
All-Court Game
Being Out of Shape Can Effect Your Game More than You Think!
Expect a Few Bad Calls
From Placement to Power not Power to Placement
Hitting Against the Wall
Losing is OK, Sometimes Even Good!
Stop Giving Away Free Points
Taking Care of your Strings
What? No Practice?
Winter Tough on Your Game?
Quick Tips

Watch the Ball

Strategy Articles
Two to Pass
Cutting Down Your Opponent's Reaction Time
Hitting Down the Middle
Hitting Deep for Success
Hitting Harder is not Always Better
One Good Lob Deserves Another
Surprise Attacks
What is Your Strategy?
Want to Serve and Volley?

Mental Game Articles
Continuous Effort
Lapse in Concentration
Bad Day?
Match Experience
Temper Temper
When Opportunity Knocks
Quick Tips

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