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Small Steps
By:  Scott Baker | Tennis4you  | Tennis Forum  | E-mail

You may ask yourself, "small steps? When do I need small steps? I need to be fast". Small steps help you adjust to the ball once you are in reach of the shot. Taking long strides when hitting the ball is a disadvantage to you because when you are stretched out to hit the ball it can cause you to be off balance which makes it difficult to make small adjustments. Taking these small steps to adjust to the ball can help not only your balance but help you hit the ball in you comfort zone. I understand that sometimes there may not be enough time to take small steps and you need that extra stride to reach the ball. That extra stride is fine, but if you have the time, use smaller steps to adjust to the ball's spin and bounce. The small steps will help you be in a better position, be better balanced and help you to hit a better shot.

Many times when the ball is hit right to someone that person does not move their feet at all. Even if the ball is hit right to you, you should take a number of small steps to move to the side of the ball and get in a great position. A lot of mistakes can be made if you do not move at all to hit the ball. You need to be in a position and making small adjustments in case you misjudge the ball or it takes a funny bounce.

When playing in windy conditions it is key that you move your feet a lot and make small adjustments. The wind can play havoc with the ball and it's location. By taking several small steps as the ball gets closer you can avoid getting jammed or the ball getting too far away from you. If the ball is to close or to far away from you it makes it difficult to hit the ball in your strike zone and your shot will most likely be far less effective than it should be.

Keep your feet moving at all times. Small steps help make small adjustments and help you stay balanced and hit better shots.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker