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Let it Bounce
By:  Scott Baker | Tennis4you  | Tennis Forum  | E-mail

Hitting an overhead before it bounces cuts off the time you allow your opponent to get back into position. However, there are some lobs that are better off bouncing before you try and knock the overhead into the stands. Lobs that are hit extremely high are harder to hit because they are coming down at a faster rate and you have to have incredible timing to execute the overhead properly. Since these lobs are hit so high in the first place the ball will bounce high enough that you can hit them as an overhead after they bounce. This will allow the ball to slow down, give you more time to adjust to hit the ball and dramatically cut down the chance for an error.

If it is a very windy day there may be lobs that you will able to judge better once they bounce. Another good reason to let the ball bounce is if the sun is in your eyes. The sun can be a pain and blind you. Let the ball bounce, if you cannot look up to hit the overhead after the ball bounces just take it as an aggressive ground stroke.

Be aware that letting certain lobs bounce will push you back further into the court. This will not allow you to be as aggressive with the overhead, but you will have a better percentage of hitting a good overhead and being in control of the point.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker