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Mental Quick Tips
By:  Scott Baker | Tennis4you  | Tennis Forum  | E-mail

1. Be patient, don't try to hit the big winner until the right opportunity comes along.

2. Never hang your head.

3. Do not get mad, or down at yourself from a few bad shots!

4. Be patient and don't rush the net on just any shot, wait for the right time to approach.

5. When playing someone better than you, do not feel like you can't out rally them and go for a big shot at the wrong time, be patient.

6. After losing the first set, don't give up, many opponents let their guard down after they win the first set, this is a good time to strike and even the up the match.

7. Always stay positive on the doubles court to help keep your partner positive.

8. Never think about the last point or the next point. Only focus on the current point.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker