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The Dreaded 1/2 Volley
By:  Scott Baker | Tennis4you  | Tennis Forum  | E-mail

Whether you are a serve and volley player or someone who finds himself/herself at the net from time to time the 1/2 volley can spell trouble. When you are forced to hit a 1/2 volley you are typically on the defensive end of the point and you must react quickly. You are forced to hit up on the ball and it is tough to generate a lot of pace. Rarely 1/2 volleys are hit for winners but they can be hit offensively if you execute the shot correctly. Let's take a look at some tips to help you hit a successful 1/2 volley.

1. Stay low
The word low here does not mean drop the head of your racquet down without the rest of your body. You need to bend your knees and stay low (with your whole body) to the ground to hit a good 1/2 volley. Letting your racquet head drop below your wrist is allowing yourself to be lazy and you will have much less control of your shot.

2. Aim deep
Try to hit the 1/2 volley as deep in the court as you can. If you hit the ball shallow in the court you are giving your opponent a chance to be offensive on their next shot.

3. Hit early
ry to hit the ball right after the bounce. Hitting the ball early goes hand in hand with staying low.

4. Keep your eyes on the ball
Do not take your eyes off the ball too early for this shot. You must be completely focused on the ball.

5. Keep moving forward
This is not a shot that you want your body weight to stand still (or move backwards) if you can help it. Keep your weight moving towards the net before, during and after you hit the ball. You usually only get stuck hitting half volleys when you are approaching the net. Keeping your weight moving forward will help you to hit a cleaner ball and keep the ball deep as well as allowing you to get closer to the net into a more aggressive position.

6. No fancy stuff
This shot needs to be kept simple. No spins, no power, just get the ball over the net, aim deep and continue to close into the net.

The 1/2 volley is not an easy shot. If you get lazy while trying to hit this shot your point will most likely end in disaster. If you stay focused and execute the shot right you will end up winning more points.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker