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Tennis4you Quiz #002 - Rules Quiz

  1. If your opponent hits a winner and his/her foot touches the bottom of the net who's point is it?

Nobody's point 1a
Replay the point 1b
Your point 1c
Your opponent's point 1d

  2. How many racquets are you allowed to use in 1 match.

3 2a
4 2b
5 2c
As many as it takes 2d

  3. Tie-breakers are played at what score in a set?

5-5 3a
6-6 3b
6-5 3c
5-6 3d

  4. If your opponent hits the ball with enough backspin that the ball bounces on your side of the court and then spins back over the net onto their side of the court and you do not tough the ball, who's point is it?

Your opponent's point 4a
Replay the point 4b
Nobody's point 4c
Your Point 4d

  5. If your opponent wasn't sure if your passing shot was in or out what should happen?

Replay the point 5a
It's their point 5b
Your point  5c
Nobody's point 5d

  6. If your opponent hits a first serve and the ball hits you in the leg before it bounces, what should happen?

Your point 6a
Your opponent's point    6b
Opponent hits a second serve 6c
Opponent is disqualified    6d

  7. If your opponent hits a ball so far out of the court that it is going to hit the back wall/fence and you catch the ball before it lands who's point is it?

Your Point 7a
President's Bush's point 7b
Your opponent's point    7c
Tennis4you's point 7d

  8. If you are in the middle of a great point and the court next to you hits a ball into your court what happens?

Continue the point 8a
You call a let 8b
Your opponent calls a let 8c
Any of the above, it is up to you and your opponent.. 8d

  9. How many times in one point can your opponent hit a serve that's a let?

4 9a
5 9b
6 9c
as many as it takes 9d

  10. If you hit a very angled shot and your opponent gets to the shot, hits the ball and it goes around the outside of the net post and into the court and you don't touch the ball, who's point is it?

Your point 10a
Nobody's point 10b
Your opponent's point 10c
Replay the point    10d


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