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Tennis4you Quiz #003 - Instructional Quiz

  1. Which backhand's contact point with the ball is typically 18 inches in front of the other backhand?

One Handed 1a
Two Handed 1b
No Handed   : ) 1c
None of the above 1d

  2. In doubles, if one of your opponents is one the deuce side on the baseline returning a shot where is the strongest position for you and your partner to be?

Deuce side at net, ad side at baseline 2a
Ad side at net, deuce side at baseline 2b
Both at net 2c
Both at baseline 2d

  3. If you are playing a serve and volley player, where is your best option for a return of serve of the following choices?

Lob 3a
Drop shot 3b
Hit the ball at their chest 3c
Hit the ball at their feet 3d

  4. If you hit an approach shot down the line on your opponent's ad side of the court where should you stand at the net to prepare to hit the volley?

In the center of the court 4a
Slightly to the right of the center of the court 4b
Slightly to the left of the center of the court 4c
None of the above 4d

  5. What is more likely to make you hit a serve into the net?

Tossing the ball to far out in front 5a
Tossing the ball slightly backwards 5b
Not using enough spin 5c
All of the above 5d

  6. If you are on the baseline and your opponent hits a great angle and makes you run way out of the court to get the ball, what is your best option of play, assuming your opponent stayed on the baseline and did not approach the net.

Drop Shot 6a
Go for the winner   6b
Lob the ball with topspin 6c
Hitting a regular baseline shot 6d

  7. Which serve gives you the most time to get to the net for serve and volley play?

Slice Serve 7a
Kick Serve 7b
Flat Serve   7c
Pete Sampras' serve 7d

  8. If someone hits a lob and is far away from the self of the court what is your best play?

Let the lob bounce and then try an overhead. 8a
Let the lob bounce and hit a huge forehand. 8b
Hit an overhead before the ball bounces. 8c
Hit a swinging forehand volley before the ball bounces. 8d

  9. If your opponent is tall and has a two-handed backhand what might be an effective shot to their backhand?

Huge topspin lobs 9a
Dropshots 9b
Low slice shots 9c
Side spin into their body 9d

  10. If your opponent is short with a one-handed backhand what might be an effective shot to their backhand?

Lots of topspin hit deep into the court 10a
Power shots 10b
Low slice shots 10c
Side spin away from their body 10d


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