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Tennis4you.com Quiz #004 Answers
I hope you did well on quiz #004, here are the answers.

  1. Which of the following string combinations produces the most power?
(Assumming all the string is the same string type of string except for the guage.)
Answer: "B" - 17 guage string strung at 50 pounds

  2. Complete the following statement: The larger the racquet head the more:
Answer: "C" - Power you get from your shots

  3. What type of strings are the stiffest and least flexible/resilience?
Answer: "C" - Kevlar

  4. Complete the following statement: The thinner the strings:
Answer: "D" - The more power and more spin you will get

  5. Balls with extra-duty felt are designed primarily for use on what type of court?
Answer: "B" - Hard Court

  6. The less strings you have in your racquet, the less spin you get when you hit the ball, True or False?
Answer: "B" - False

  7. Complete the following statement: The more flexible your racquet is:
Answer: "A" - The less shock and more vibration you will get

  8. Where do you want to add lead tape to your racquet if you want more power?
Answer: "D" - Add weight at 12 o'clock on the racquet head

  9. What is the standard length of an adult racquet?
Answer: "C" - 27 inches long

  10. Strings lose elasticity with time, one type of string faster, another type of string slower. As a good rule of thumb, how long should you keep a set of strings in your racquet before you cut them out and replace them?
Answer: "B" - 2-3 months