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Tennis4you.com Quiz #006 Answers
I hope you did well on Quiz #006, here are the answers.

  1. If the ball is hit around the outside of the net post and lands in the court, what is the ruling?
Answer: "C" - Ball is in and is played

  2. How many service lets are you allowed in a game?
Answer: "D" - Unlimited

  3. If you hit a shot that lands out and your opponent hits the ball back and does not call the ball out, what is the ruling.
Answer: "B" - Ball is in

  4. If you hit a drop shot that bounces on your opponent's side of the court and has enough backspin to comeback over the net to your side without your opponent touching the ball, who wins the point?
Answer: "A" - You

  5. If your first serve hits your opponent's doubles partner without hitting the ground first, who wins the point?
Answer: "A" - You

  6. If you catch a ball, while you are behind the baseline, that your opponent hit out that is going to hit the back wall before it bounces, what is the call?
Answer: "B" - It is your opponent's point, the ball can not be touched before it hits the ground.

  7. If your groundstroke hits the net post and reflects into your opponent's court, what is the call?
Answer: "C" - Do not play the ball, the net post does not count

  8. During the second serve, your opponent's left foot touches the baseline but does not completely cross the baseline. What is the call?
Answer: "A" - It is a fault, and it is your point

  9. If a point is played starting on the wrong side of the court (ad vs deuce side), the point is lost by your opponent, and then your opponent realizes that the point was played on the wrong side. Your opponent tells you that a let should be played since the point was played starting on the wrong side. What is the call?
Answer: "D" - Your opponent is wrong, the point stands and the game continues on the
correct side of the court according to the score.

  10. If your opponent hits a passing shot that you cannot reach and you throw your racquet at the ball and your racquet actually hit the ball back over the net and your opponent can not reach the return, what is the call?
Answer: "B" - You lose the point, the racquet must be in your hands when you hit the ball.