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Tennis4you Quiz #007 - Tennis Books - Answers

  1. Who wrote: "Total Tennis: The Ultimate Tennis Encyclopedia"?
Answer: Bud Collins

  2. Who wrote: Tennis for Dummies?
Answer: Patrick McEnroe

  3. Who wrote: "The Inner Game of Tennis"?
Answer: Timothy Gallwey

  4. Who wrote: "Play Better Tennis in 2 Hours"?
Answer: Oscar Wegner

  5. Who wrote: "Winning Ugly"?
Answer: Brad Gilbert

  6. Who wrote: "Tennis Begins at 40"?
Answer: Pancho Gonzales

  7. Who wrote: "My Aces, My Faults"?
Answer: Nick Bollettieri

  8. Who wrote: "You Cannot Be Serious"?
Answer: John McEnroe

  9. Who wrote: "How to Play Tennis"?
Answer: Venus and Serena Williams

  10. Who wrote: "I Know Absolutely Nothing About Tennis"?
Answer: Tracy Austin