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A Tennis Tradition
by Bruce M. George

When I moved from the Phoenix area four years ago to a small town in central Arizona by the name of Camp Verde the only tennis court I could find had weeds growing up in it. After several months of asking around I finally got invited to play on Wednesday afternoon at the private home of the town's old time family physician. It was great fun and although I think I was on probation for some time I have been accepted as one of the "warriors" there. The history of it is that this Wednesday afternoon match has been going on for thirty-eight years. Usually we have enough guys for doubles and play until "dark". Sometimes one of us will look up into the sky and declare darkness has arrived when we can hardly move anymore. Lots of kidding goes on but we sure try to win each point. If one of the players can't make it; the Doc will make a note for them by saying they are in therapy. And it is great therapy! Can you think of another group with this long a history of playing?