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by: Bill Moore Germantown, Maryland

My old friend Aaron and I were playing mixed doubles one day a couple of summers ago with two British ladies, Lisa & Nikki at the Montgomery College courts in Germantown, MD. During play, and in the third set while playing boys vs. girls - or to be more exact, the British vs. the Americans, Nikki hit a crosscourt backhand winner past me. It was a beautiful shot. I commented to her "NICE T&A NIKKI" and the gals kind of looked at me in an ackward way when Lisa said, "WHAT DID YOU SAY" and again I replied "GOOD T&A' to them. My partner had a bit of a grin on his face about this, whilst the ladies giggled. So I said "IT MEANS TOUCH & ANGLE, NICE TOUCH & ANGLE" to them, "WHAT ON EARTH DID YOU THINK I MEANT" I asked. And of course, I chastised them (in a teasing way) for their seemingly naughty thoughts. We all had a good laugh over that. Oh, and by the way, the American men, in a 'blatant act of male chauvinism' defeated the Brit ladies in this particular set. Really, we all had a wonderful time - it was one hour and forty-five minutes of tennis bliss that one lovely day in August which will likely never be captured again.