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About Tennis String - Part 2

There are many different types of strings. Today's strings include nylon, synthetic gut, polyester, multifilament, and natural gut. The most popular types of strings today are synthetic gut/multifilament, and polyester. In the old days, professional players played with only natural gut. Other players tended to play with just plain synthetic gut strings. However, in the last 10 years, polyester strings have been rising. Today, most professionals play with a full job of polyester or they hybrid polyester with natural gut. Let's talk about the different types of string and how each one performs differently.

Nylon/Synthetic Gut:
Nylon and synthetic gut strings are one of the cheapest strings out on the market today. Nylon strings tend to be soft but they are not the softest. Nylon strings are more suited for the beginner-intermediate player who is seeking a string that will be durable and will last a long time. Synthetic Gut strings have the same stiffness. Some are even softer than traditional nylon strings. Many people hybrid their synthetic gut strings with polyester strings today. Synthetic Gut strings have above average feel, good comfort, average spin production, tend to be high powered, average control, and below average durability. If you are just starting out to play tennis, then synthetic gut is the way to go. Juniors stick with synthetic strings until the age of 12-13, then they go up to polyester for added durability. Some of the best synthetic gut string on the market today include:

Polyester strings have taken a charge into the market. Day by day they are getting more popular. Polyester strings are used by at least 90% of the professionals on tour today. Why? Well the answer is simple. They are very durable, spin production is phenomenal, and excellent control. Kirschbaum was the first company to introduce polyester string to the world of tennis. The polyester strings are known as "first generation". Luxilon followed their footsteps. Luxilon is currently the most popular string on tour. However, their polys are mainly first and second generation polys. They tend to be stiffer. Plus, the price is heavy. It is now the 21st century and a few companies have produced some new polys which exceed the quality of Luxilon and Kirschbaum. The polys are known as "third generation". They are also known as co-polys. Co-polyester strings are polys with mixed additives which make them softer than traditional polys like Luxilon. Pro Supex Big Ace and Topspin Cyber Flash are two of the best co-polys that are available today. These polys are very cheap compared to the well known Wilson, Babolat, Kirschbaum, and Luxilon.

Multifilament strings are usually the cheaper way to a natural gut like string. There are many multifilaments that feel like gut, but are a lot cheaper. These strings give a lot of power, feel, touch, and comfort. Some people like to hybrid their multifilaments with a poly to soften up the stringbed and gain more power and feel. Multifilaments cost more than synthetic gut strings. However the difference in performance is noticeable.

Natural Gut:
This is by far the finest strings on Earth today. No wonder that all manufactures compare their products to natural gut. Natural Gut strings are made from cows intestines in a complex process. Natural Gut has more durability, more power, more control, than any multifilament or synthetic gut string. Aside from the price, this is by far the best type of string you can buy! Babolat sell their natural gut for $35 a set. However, there are much better natural gut strings that are cheaper as well. We recommend trying the full line of Pacific Natural Gut Strings. There best gut is "Pacific Tough Gut". Another good natural gut for the price is KLIP Armour Pro and KLIP Legend. All the strings mentioned here are carried at Strings Depot Plus.

Remember, choosing the right string will help you take your game to the next level. Whether you are just a beginner, or a tournament player, your decision is vital! Strings Depot Plus has a huge selection of tennis strings. Come by our store and feel free to explore!

If you have any questions regarding what string suits you, please contact us. We love to help people and our job is to make sure you become a better player. If you prefer to speak one-on-one with one of our experienced staff members, please call customer service at 866-787-4644. We are waiting to hear from you!

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