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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Warm-Up Drill"
By: - Bob Veselits

Two players stand back to back, legs spread (about shoulder width), hands extended slightly a 90 degree angle to the waist. Place a tennis ball between the palms of both players. Put an additional ball in the fingertips of Player A. Then from this starting position Player A passes the fingertip ball to Player B between thier legs. Player B takes the ball back to the starting position. From there Player B can go to either side and Player A must retrieve the ball and go to the starting position. Feet never move and the balls in the palms of the respective players must not fall. Left, right or in between the more variation the better. Speed it up but stay in control.

This works great with young children. It helps them to focus, think, develop hand-eye coordination, streches muscles used for tennis and most importantly they laugh and have fun.