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Workshop Drill - Around the World
By:  Rachel Hunt

This includes a lot of running, good for cardio tennis.
You Must have 10 kids, or more!

Star with 10 kids. You split them up on to sides, (5 and 5).  The instructor starts the ball out every time, and hits it to one of the people on the sides.  The person then hits it across to their opponet.  The catch is this, every time you hit the ball, you MUST run to the other side QUICKLY!  If a person hits it to their opponet and their shot lands out that is a strike for the player who missed the shot. 3 strikes and your out of the game whiel the remaining players finish.

When it is down to the last 2 people, they get on opposite sides, and the instructor starts the ball out again. The person hits to their opponent, and this time every time the child hits the ball, they MUST lay their racket down, spin around really fast, and pick it up, and hope to be quick enough to hit the ball that they just hit to their opponent.