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Workshop Drill - Hangman
By:  Steve Tourdo - Unlimited Tennis

You position several kids in a line across the court from sideline to sideline at a depth that's appropriate for their ability. The instructor throws the ball to the first kid who must hit it to whatever target area is chosen. If he makes the shot he is whole. If he misses, he loses a body part and you feed to the next kid in line. Body parts are lost in the following order:

1st miss- stands on one leg for his next turn.
2nd miss- stands on one leg and has one arm behind his back.
3rd miss- one knee on the ground and one arm behind back
4th miss- kneeling on ground and one arm behind the back.
5th miss- laying on ground 6th miss- out.

Go through the lineup with one feed to each kid then back to the first kid. Remember to make the throws easily hittable for their compromised positions.