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The Tennis4You Workshop- "2 @ net vs 2 @ net"
By: Scott Baker @ Tennis4you

This is a good drill to help keep your reflexes for doubles quick. It is important in doubles to be able to hit several volleys in a row if necessary.

Start with all 4 players at the net about 10 feet away from the net, 2 on each side of the court, each side of the court will be a team.

One player will volley the ball to their opponent. Each team must hit 3 volleys before the point can really begin. Once each team has hit 3 volleys a peice the team that hits a winner or draws an error wins a point.

Try playing this drill as a game. You can play a 12 point tie-breaker format or first one to 10 points wins. This is a good drill to just practice and not keep score as well.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker
e-mail: tennis4you@hotmail.com