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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Short game - 2 vs 2
By: Scott Baker @ Tennis4you

This is a good drill to help you develop your touch and control.

Two players stand at the service line and two people stand at their service line . Each pair on each side of the court are a doubles team.

The goal of this game is to not hit the ball deeper than the service line. Any ball that lands outside of the service boxes are automatically out. One team starts by hitting an underhand serve to the opposite side of the court that must land within the service box. Once the ball has landed the point begins. The serve is the only balls that is required to land before you hit the ball. After the serve the ball MUST land in either of the 2 service boxes on the other side of the court. First team to hit a winner or draw an error wins a point. Each team serves 5 times in a row then the other team serves 5 times in a row.

You are allowed to hit as hard as you want, but the goal is to keep the ball inside the service box. The best way to approach this drill is with well placed angles and touch.

You can keep score however you like if you wish to make it competitive.

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker
e-mail: tennis4you@hotmail.com