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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Doubles Drill "
By:  John the Coach - TennisZoo

One pair starts about 1 metre inside the baseline on one side of the net, the other pair on the baseline. Coach feeds ball from the end of the pair just inside the court..they move in as the ball is fed.

Baseline pair can either drive, dink or lob first shot..no rules..incoming pair MUST take the first shot on their side out the air, volley or smash, after that anything goes. Idea.incoming pair must react to opponents first shot, if they see it's a lob, back.if it's a dink or a drive go forward to take it on the volley.Baseline pair have to decide on the correct stroke, if incoming pair look slow dink the ball, if the incoming pair move in too quickly, throw up a lob. Coach feeds alternate balls to the baseline pair..play 16 points then change..a great doubles drill