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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Two Minutes "
By:  Cosmin Miholca - WebTennis24.com & WebTennisDrills.com

Two players position themselves at the net opposite two players standing at the baseline. The coach/feeder stands with a basket of balls at one of the net posts on the same side as the net players.

Each point starts with a feed from the coach/feeder to the baseline team.

The baseline team will have 2 minutes to win as many points as they can against the net team. The net team doesn't count their points; they merely try to prevent the baseline team from accumulating too many points.

As soon as a point is over, the feeder will put another ball in play right away.

When the 2 minutes are up, the teams will switch sides - the net team moves to the baseline (while the baseline team will move to the net) and try to beat the other team’s (now play at the net) score.

Note: good drill for volleys under pressure; work-out. The players can also take turns rotating one spot clockwise after every 2 minutes.