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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Line to Line to Line..."
By:  Scott Baker at Tennis4you

Most of us have seen this drill, most of us have done this drill and yes, most of us hate this drill. You can do this drill with 2 or more people and make it a race, or you can do it alone.

Start at one sideline of the court and sprint to centerline of the court. Touch the line with your hand and sprint back to the starting line and touch that line with your hand. Then turn around and sprint to the first doubles line and touch the line with your hand and go back to the start. The more motivated you are the more lines you can go to. After the first doubles line go to the outside doubles line. If you want to go further start using the next court and span 2 courts.

This drill helps to develop your foot speed and your speed for quickly turning around and moving the opposite direction. You can carry your tennis racquet if you like during this drill as well.

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
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