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The Tennis4You Workshop- "A drill to turn you inside-out!"
By:  Dave Winship at On The Line

Fed up with the same old fan drills? Bored with jumping rope? You're kidding!

All right then, here's a different footwork drill for you. It's challenging and fun and it's tennis-specific and you can develop racket skills at the same time. What you do is you find someone to practise with, you go on court and rally using just the service boxes. One of you hits crosscourt and the other hits down the line. Change over after a few minutes. Once you've got the hang of it and you're managing to keep the rallies going fairly easily, try doing the same but using inside-out shots, i.e. run outside the line of the ball and play forehands on your backhand wing and backhands on your forehand wing.

When you're really, really good at it, have a go at doing the same on the full-size court.

Dave Winship