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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Lob vs. Lob"
By:  Scott Baker at Tennis4you

This is a good drill to work on topspin lobs. Many times in a match when you are on the baseline and your opponent throws up a defensive topspin lob it will keep you pinned on the baseline. These types of topspin lobs are not shots that you can just rip back for a winner. Sometimes the best shot for these is another lob.

Start one player on each side of the court at the baselines. The first player starts out hitting a lob to the other player. Continue trading lobs as long as possible. Hit topspin lobs if you can. This does not allow your hitting partner to get under the ball as easily to hit an overhead and may cause them to have to hit a lob back.

The best goal is to hit within 5 feet of the baseline. If you wish to make a game out of it and keep score try the following. Any lob that lands before the service line stop and start the drill over, the person who hit the short lob losses the point. Any ball that is not at least 10 feet high when it crosses the net also losses the point.

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
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