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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Attacking the Weak 2nd Serve "
By:  Scott Baker at Tennis4you

This drill is a good drill to help you practice attacking a weak 2nd serve.

There are 2 ways to attack a serve. Chip and charge or go for the big topspin shot.

Have one person serve second serves to another player. Have the receiver practice both types of returns. Make sure you practice both the forehand and backhand. Also mix it up trying the chip and charge and also the topspin return of serve. Make sure you also practice the 2 types off of both the forehand and the backhand. Be sure to use both sides of the court as well!

For the chip and charge be sure to take the ball early and off of the rise if at all possible. Play the points out and see how you do. Switch after a while and allow the other player to return some serves..

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
E-mail: Tennis4you@hotmail.com