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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Forehand/Backhand"
By:  John the Coach

This is a great drill for practicing your strokes as well as "thinking" about the stroke your going to play.

One player can only hit forehands, but they can hit the ball anywhere in the court. The other player must hit forehands crosscourt, and backhands straight down the line. In other words, they must always play to the forehand side of the other player. Any balls landing in the backhand side are out, and the point goes to the forehand player. Volleys can be played but the same rules apply, only forehands by the forehand player, and the other forehands crosscourt or backhands straight up the line. You play the first one to 11 points by 2. Thinking is really important, especially by the player only playing forehands, they must "think before they play the shot", what the best shot will be to play. Once 11 points has been reached, swop roles. Then play the same with backhands only. You need to play this a couple of times to get the idea, but its a great training game, for stroke production, movement and tactics.

John the Coach