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The Tennis4You Workshop - "Double-Time Approach Shot Drill"
By:  Kathy Krajco- Operation Doubles

Station two lines of players at the center stripe. Feed a short shot to the right court for Player #1. He hits a running approach shot down the line to the backhand corner, following it to the proper net position for singles. (That is, halfway between the service line and the net, a few feet to the right of the center line.) From there, Player #1 hits his second shot, the first volley. Unless he can hit it from the front two-thirds of the forecourt, he should hit it deep and down the line (a set-up shot). If he gets close enough for a finishing shot, then he should angle it sharply crosscourt. Doubles players try to place angle shots IN the alley. (The angles you get are much sharper

The left-court line of players does likewise, but they do not follow their shots to the correct net position for singles. (The right-court player occupies that spot). Instead, they follow their approach shot as they would in doubles, keeping to the same side of a center, as if they have a partner on the other side. Sometimes you may want those left-court players to hit their backhand approach shots down the line. But, when hitting from near center they can get this backhand approach shot to the opponent's backhand without putting a dangerous angle on it. So make them learn to choose wisely

After hitting their volley, the players should immediately step aside to the nearest alley. Players can change lines periodically, or continuously rotate to the opposite line.