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The Tennis4You Workshop- "The Spanish Fighting Drill"
By:  Tomaz Mencinger @ TennisMindGame

If you've ever wondered why the Spanish players are able to fight forever on clay, then this drill will make it clear to you.

a) Two players play at the time. If there are more, then they rotate and pairs count together.

b) The point starts either from drop feed or with serve.

c) Players play the point and they count how many times the ball goes over the net. It's even better if someone else counts - the coach, the free player - so that they can focus on the game.

d) When the point ends, the winner of the point gets as many points as the number of times the ball went over the net.

If the two players play the first point and the ball travels 8 times over the net before one misses, then it's 8:0 for the winner. If they play the next point and play the ball 27 times over the net and the other player wins the point, the score stands at 27:8.

We can see that every point counts the same as the number of balls that went over the net.

Play to 100 or more, depending on the skill level of players.


  • The player fights more and more because he knows the value of points increases. This is very similar to actual emotional meaning that players attach to long rallies. If the player learns to fight and to persist in long ball exchanges, he may put a lot of psychological pressure in his opponent.