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The Tennis4You Workshop- "100"
By:  Cosmin Miholca - WebTennis24.com  & WebTennisDrills.com

Two players rally from the baseline. The drill starts with a drop and hit. 
Players count the number of times the ball goes over the net during the rally with each one of them calling out a number as they hit the ball (1, 2, 3, 4… etc.). The player who wins the rally gets the number of points equal to the number of balls hit over the net during the rally. Example: if they hit 22 balls over the net, then the winner of the rally gets 22 points.

If the next rally is won by the other player and, for example, 14 balls went over the net, then the score is 22-14; and so on. The points won in each rally are added up. A coach or the players themselves can keep count of the number of balls in a rally.

The first player to win (total) 100 points wins.